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Here's a basic, and by no means complete, list of the services we provide.  Don't see exactly what you're looking for?  Let's "tawk".

Management Consulting:

Organizational & Structural Excellence
 Governing documents, policy and procedure reviews and updates 
 Volunteer and staff structure reviews
 Decision/policy-making processes
 Staff workflow and procedures
 Volunteer/staff communication methods and systems
Software Evaluations, Vendor Selection, Negotiation
 Membership data base systems
 Customer Relations Management (CRM) tracking systems

 Review of internal/external programs
 Evaluation of print and online communications (all published materials, website)
 Membership surveys, focus groups
 Designing ongoing feedback systems
 Implementation of "social media" systems

 “Transparent” budgeting and financial reporting 
 Analyzing, maximizing non-dues revenue streams

Evaluating, implementing...
 Association/MLS mergers, consolidations, partnerships
 Subsidiaries (for-profit and non-profit)
 New programs, products & services
 Updating/reinvigorating existing programs, products & services

 Effective strategic and annual business plans
 International and commercial programs & services
 Community/industry partnerships, coalitions, alliances
 Powerful, visible and influential community presence


Corporate and association leadership training/orientations
Association executive/staff training seminars, professional development institutes

Coaching & mentoring for leaders and association executives
Leadership development programs

Platform Presentation Topic Areas

Leadership, Team Building, Industry Trends, Customer Service, Consumer Trends & Expectations, Strategic and Business Planning...and many more!  All specially tailored for the needs of your group. 

Don't see what you're looking for?  Not a problem.  Just ask.

How we can save you money...


To eliminate budget surprises, all our services are quoted on a fixed fee versus hourly basis plus any necessary travel and out-of-pocket expenses.  They're based on a detailed Scope of Work proposal that you agree to before work starts.

And, if you have the expertise, time and motivation, we don't mind if you (or your staff) do some parts of the job.  We'll gladly negotiate that adjustment into our fee.  

Travel Expense:

In this age of seamless electronic and online communication, every consulting job doesn't automatically have to include on-site meetings.  And, when you think about it, we can perform most of our services more easily in our office than in yours.

Consider this:  Instead of trekking across the country at your expense to deliver our findings and recommendations, why not have us do it online using a proven provider like GoToMeeting.com. 

It saves travel expense and we both save time.  Best of all, your leaders likely will applaud your choice today's readily available technology to save money.

Delivery Schedule:

As the old saying goes, timing is everything.  Most of our consulting services generally require anywhere from 30 to 120 days to complete, depending on complexity.  If you need it done "yesterday" that likely means reshuffling other client's projects and deadlines to accommodate you.  As you might expect, our quote would have to reflect that shorter fuse.   

On the other end of that spectrum, if you're able to be a little flexible in setting a delivery date, we can work along on it around our other projects and your patience would be reflected (and rewarded) in our quote.

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