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Our Business Philosophy
At Enjender LLC, our goal is to make organizations successful.  We do that by…

  • Building firm foundations of governance, organization and programs needed for peak  performance.
  • Delivering fair and unbiased assistance, studies, opinions and recommendations.
  • Providing top quality leadership training
  • Following through to ensure smooth implementation

Only when an organization is operating at its peak can members realize the maximum return on their dues investment and capitalze on their volunteer and staff energies.

When you “invest” in Enjender LLC as your business partner, you can be assured your association will be receiving the maximum return on their dues dollars.    

My personal code of ethics...

It could be my upbringing as the son of a career Naval Officer, or perhaps it’s my pride in being an Eagle Scout and helping my two sons become Eagles as well. 

Or, maybe its the 34 years in the active and reserve Navy, with three tours as a Commanding Officer and as Chief of Staff for a program overseeing 11 Reserve units and over 450 personnel.   

Or, maybe it’s the hard lessons learned in using outside consultants during decades as an association and chamber of commerce chief executive.

I suppose the real answer is “all of the above.”  No matter why, it’s important to me that you know the basic principles on which Enjender LLC operates. There are only four, but one thing for sure, they won't be bent for anyone, for any reason. 

1.  Clients Come First.  My primary fiduciary obligation is to the organizations that place their trust in me when they engage me and not to any one individual or faction.  Like them or not, you’ll always get my fair, honest and objective opinions and recommendations on what I believe is in the organization’s best interests.  

2.  Integrity Isn’t Negotiable.  I’ve always tried to foster a friendly, fair and cooperative working climate with vendors, staff and leaders but always maintain a strictly arms-length and impartial business relationship.  So, if you’re looking for someone to deliver one-sided justifications to fit a predetermined course of action, please look elsewhere.      

3.  If It Can’t Be Done Well, Don’t Do It.  If I’m not firmly convinced I can provide what you need, I’ll be the first to say so.  What’s more, I’ll help you find someone who can.  In short, I’d rather pass up the work than risk my credibility and professional reputation.   Life is way too short for that.

4.  Deliver On Time and On Target.  Contracts aside, you have every right to expect me to perform as we agreed and to deliver what you need…on or before you need it.  The way I see it, that just makes for good (read: future) business.









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