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A note from Belton Jennings... 

Hi!  Glad you stopped by...

Welcome to one-stop shopping for your consulting, training and keynote speaker needs.  You'll find lots of help just one click away under our Services button. 

Maybe you're an association needing experienced "down in the weeds" guidance for improving your governance or staff structure, updating your bylaws and policies, evaluating a new membership system, developing a strategic plan or training your leaders.  We've got your back.

Or perhaps you're organization or corporation is looking for a skilled, high-energy speaker on topics like leadership, team building, industry trends or customer service.  We'll provide presentations tailored to your audience and your budget. 

In other words, with Enjender LLC you get what you need, when you need it...and at flexible, client-friendly fees that will make you smile.

Here's a big plus for you.  We firmly believe in the adage that  "we are smarter than I am”.  It's why have a network of talented consultants and seasoned association executives we can call on to pitch in, or just look over our shoulder – at no cost to you.

At Enjender LLC, our focus is on delivering high quality, timely services and complete client satisfaction - not the bottom line.  Why?  Because we know if we nail those first two things, the balance sheet takes care of itself. 

Now let me be frank about something.  Over the years  it always infuriated me to suddenly realize we were actually paying for some consultant's education in an alleged field of their expertise. And that's why, if a project truly isn’t within our scope, we’ll tell you right up front...and gladly lend a hand finding the help you need.

Oh, one last thing.  We both know darn well that every problem doesn't require hiring a consultant. Sometimes you just need to talk through an issue or bat around an idea with somebody who's "been there, done that".  Frankly, we love doing that, which is why there's never, ever a charge for it.  Just pick the phone.

So, let's make it happen!  Call today to set up a complimentary consultation.

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